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Red Swarovski Crystal adorned tunic and asian emblem on back. Sheer red over sheer orange fringed skirt.

Blue denim skirt and vest over a cropped and collared plaid tank top. Skin-colored mesh sleeves and midsection. Gold metallic waistline and blue fringed pockets and V in back. All you need is a horse!

For a special "starry" program this beautiful black dress is characterized by a shiny gold star with rhinestones in the front. Sheer lack and sleeves with rhinestones on the back.

Beautifully embroidered flowers on white top over red corset waist. Black asymmetric layered skirt. By Yumi Couture.

Just Added!

Forest green velvety waistcoat on white short sleeve top. Multilayered red and white skirt.

Just Added!

Black shirt with black velvet vest, golden pattern and crystals.

Very pretty purple dress with pink waistline, neck and sleeves trim. Two layers skirt: top tier shiny purple and bottom pink with ruffled hemline. Elbow long sleeves.