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Dark blue metallic parted and layered skirt, sleeves, and collar. Jeweled neckline giving the impression of a diamond necklace. Blue and black diagonal stripes on collar.

Red sleeveless dress with lace bodice finished by sparkling gems.

Fushia bodice adorned with rhinestones, skirt with ruffles, by Yumi Couture.

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Altar top fishnet material. Crystals on front and back. Detached fingerless gloves.

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Corset style top, adorned by collar necklace. Can-can style skirt, with raffles on the back. Available in 4 different color variations.

Sparkling light pink dress trimmed in magenta. 3/4 length sleeves. Lollipop decorated waistline. Multilayered skirt with beautiful 2-tones effect.

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White dress with embroidery on the sleeveless top. Multilayered skirt. Fingerless gloves detached. Original sash design on the back.

Blue sleeveless top with lime green decorations. Multilayered skirt gives a unique color flow.

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Holographic flame design on the long sleeved top. Multilayered skirt.

Halter top decorated with sparkling jewels over black skirt. Diamond shaped opening in the back creates an elegant diversion.