Developmental Teams Progression - Synchro Skills, Preliminary, and Pre-Juvenile

We call our developmental program Shooting Stars, and it’s designed for 7 to 13 year-old skaters of any gender who want to learn the foundations of synchronized skating in a fun and relaxed environment.  Skaters in the Learn to Skate Program (Basic 1-6, Pre-Free Skate, and Free Skate 1-6) as well as skaters who have passed their first moves in the field tests (up through pre-juvenile moves) will be placed on our Shooting Stars teams or recommended for our Shooting Stars Academy.

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Shooting Stars Preliminary


Shooting Stars Preliminary

Skaters who are typically 11 and younger who have passed the Preliminary moves in the field are placed on our Shooting Stars Preliminary team. Skaters placed here will continue working with private coaches on the U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) tests in moves in the field, dance, and free skating.

Learn more about Shooting Stars preliminary here.

Shooting Stars Pre Juv


Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile

Skaters who are typically under the age of 12  and have passed the pre bronze moves in the field test are placed on the Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile team 

Skaters under the age of 13 who have passed the bronze moves in the field test may be eligible to train and compete under our National Competing Teams Progression on our Mini Mates juvenile team (learn more here).

Learn more about Shooting Stars pre-juvenile here.


Hayden SS Age Preference*

Hayden SS Test Preference*

Shooting Stars Academy

Ages 10 and under

Enrolled in Learn to Skate

Shooting Stars Preliminary

Ages 11 and under

Preliminary moves

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile

Ages 12 and under

Pre-bronze moves
Preliminary dance
Pre-Preliminary free skate


*Note: USFS has different age requirements for these divisions. The ages listed above are Hayden Synchro's preferences to allow skaters to continue to move through our competitive pipeline, considering age restrictions at the juvenile level.

*Note: Preliminary moves in the field are required by USFS to compete at the preliminary level. 

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